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Strike Team kills should count towards the Nuclear medal

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  • Strike Team kills should count towards the Nuclear medal

    As of yesterdays update, Strike Teams kills do not count for the Nuclear medal anymore. I do not agree with this latest change for three reasons:
    1. Nobody asked for this.
    2. It was fun getting at least every 30 matches or so a cool medal like the Brutal one or even the Nuclear. As an average player, it gave me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Nobody in the lobby was affected Movies series world in any way as getting a nuke in BO4 does not kill anyone or end the match as in some of the previous CODs.
    3. It is grossly unfair that some players got their Nuclear Killer and Nuked Out done with the help of the Strike Team, yet from now on, getting the same prestigious calling cards is a lot harder.

    What do you think? Do you want Treyarch to reverse this change done to the Strike Team?

    PS: Excuse my English, it is not my first language.
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