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Maxed "Sniper Strike" is pointless

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  • Maxed "Sniper Strike" is pointless

    Hello ,,
    The purple Sniper skill "Sniper Strike" is completely pointless. It costs 5,000 power, and it targets 7 random enemies and immediately headshots them. It does not effect bosses, Guardians, or Pouncers. You're not even guaranteed 7 kills. It just shoots 7 enemies in the head once. Most of the time, it only kills 3 or 4 people. It doesn't seem to even proc other skills youGoToMeeting IrfanView Town of Salem have equipped, like +Headshot Damage or Explosive Headshot.

    Meanwhile, I can take 3 or 4 enemies out with a single bullet, including Guardians and Pouncers, with Explosive Headshot.

    Why would I pay 5,000 power to save literally 1 or 2 bullets? This skill needs to be completely reworked, or changed into something else. There's no reason to use or upgrade this skill at all.
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