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  • Intro to Dark Force Clan

    If you are looking for a clan that will not only provide instruction and a family of support while you learn the game but continue that support and enhance your gaming experience as you rise up through the ranks to mastery- there is no better clan than Dark Force.

    Dark Force has a unique “Three Squads / One Clan” design that makes it the largest clan in the game! Consequently, Dark Force has the most resources, most training and the most comradery! You are about to make potentially 150 friends!

    After you read below, Feel FREE to reach out to me or any of the Dark Force team for an invite! We will find you the right squad. Also, we do our communicating with the LINE app. You will need to download that.

    Here’s a cut/paste from our “Mission”, the introduction to what makes Dark Force what it is:

    Welcome to Dark Force! Welcome HOME!

    You are in the largest clan in the Sniper Strike game - why? - Because Dark Force’s MISSION is to provide a clan for EVERY and ANY active player. Whether you are new to the game, playing hard and rising through the ranks, loving the social part of the game in chats and/or busting out top-performance in clan points and ‘cups’ [