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Epic chest wrong items

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  • Epic chest wrong items

    I bought an epic chest to get a perk I wanted which it showed was in the chest. but when I opened the chest I didn't get the perk wtf? I did get some other items but I got the chest just for the perk. what do I do now?

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    Hi Grimsky and welcome to the forums

    When purchasing a chest you'll notice that each chest has written on it "Chance To Win". This means that you MIGHT win some of the items shown in the chest. However, there's no guarantee that you'll win these items as it's only a "Chance To Win".

    If you like, I can tell list the items that you did get in your chest, you'll need to give me either your 13 digit Player ID or your Username & Clan Name so I can find your Profile. If you're not sure how to find your Player ID please follow this guide - How do I find my Player ID?